英语谜语大全及答案 简单的英语谜语大全及答案

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What is that which has no leg but a body and a long neck? —— 谜底: A bottle

What kind of man can raise things without lifting them? —— 谜底: A farmer

八哥(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: bug

腻的(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: need

Why don’t babies need glasses? —— 谜底: Because they like bottles better.

狗的叫声(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: one

欧尼(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: only

When do 2 and 2 make more than 4? —— 谜底: When they make 22

古兰的(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: grand

拜宝(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: bible

Where can happiness always be found? —— 谜底: In the dictionary.

扑来个男的(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: pregnant怀孕

What animal has a head like a cat, eyes like a cat, a tail like a cat, but isn't a cat? —— 谜底: A kitten(小猫)

跑我腿(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: poverty

套客(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: talk说;讨论;说话。

What can be measured but has no length, width or thickness? —— 谜底: The temperature.

围棋(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: which

Where can milk be best stored? —— 谜底: In a cow.

施耐德(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: schneider裁缝

毛病(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: morbid病态

踹死(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: trys

大老哥(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: dialogue对话;

偶三思(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: assess评定;估价;对

抬若爆(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: terrible

How can you tell clocks and watches are shy? —— 谜底: Because they always have their hands in front of their faces.

三围知(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: sandwich

题目:What book has the most stirring chapters? —— 谜底: A cook book

狗屎(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: gauche粗鲁的

哈皮(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: happy幸福的,幸运的;快乐的,愉快的;巧妙的。

Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space? —— 谜底: To find Pluto

What did one invisible man say to the other invisible man? —— 谜底: It's nice not to see you again.

我死(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: voice

What's a skeleton?(骨架) —— 谜底: It's a lot of bones without the person on them!

有你我死(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: universe宇宙

What is higher without a head than with a head? —— 谜底: A pillow(枕头)

What two things can't you have for breakfast? —— 谜底: Lunch and supper.

What is smaller than an insect’s mouth? —— 谜底: Anything it eats

为离之(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: vallage

背噢(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: bale灾祸

BDBDBBBDDDBBDDBD(打一英文常用语) —— 谜底: long time no see(C)

How did the hangman get married?(绞刑吏是怎么结婚的?) —— 谜底: He tied a knot. 他打了一个结。

绝食(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: dress

戴尔(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: die

Why did the boy make his dog sit in the sun?(男孩为什么让他的狗坐在阳光下?) —— 谜底: He wants to have a hot dog.

一个团体一共多少个人? —— 谜底: 20个,因为团体就是twenty

H(打一人事用语) —— 谜底: 工作调动

What will you do if a man-eating tiger is running after you? —— 谜底: Nothing. Because I'm a woman.

抠哦(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: coal煤;煤块;煤堆;木炭

依靠农民(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: economy经济

忘得(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: wonder


媳妇(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: thief(小偷、盗贼)

What bird lifts heavy things? (什么鸟能举起重物?) —— 谜底: Crane.

爸爸去世(打一英文) —— 谜底: bus.

What can you swallow that can also swallow you? —— 谜底: Water.

福特(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: foot

What can hear you without ears and can answer you without a mouth? —— 谜底: An echo(回声)

What can pierce one's ears without a hole? —— 谜底: Noise,voice

what letter is an animal? —— 谜底: B

What is an astronomer?(天文学家)? —— 谜底: A night watchman with a college education.

楷模(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: camel骆驼

怕失去(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: parsimonious

Where did Columbus stand when he discovered America? —— 谜底: On his feet.

How do we know the ocean is friendly? —— 谜底: It waves.

How can you make the door last?(怎样能使门经久耐用?) —— 谜底: Make other things first

安定(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: ending

What has hands but no feet, a face but no eyes, tells but not talk? —— 谜底: alarm clock 闹钟

What animal wears big black glasses on its face? —— 谜底: Panda熊猫

How does the sun affect weight?(太阳如何影响重量?) —— 谜底: It makes the daylight.

Which horses have six legs? —— 谜底: All horses have forelegs

Why is the inside of everything so mysterious?(为什么说凡事内部都神秘莫测?) —— 谜底: ecause you can never make them out. 因为你永远也不能弄懂它们。

遏制(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: urge刺激,冲动;推动力;催促;推进,驱策;力劝,规劝;极力主张。

X(打一哲学用语) —— 谜底: 否定判断

老爷(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: lawyer律师,法学家

蔻驰(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: 教练;指导;受训练。

What stays indoors no matter how many times you put it out? —— 谜底: The light.

Who always goes to bed with his shoes on?(谁总是穿鞋睡觉?) —— 谜底: horse(马)

我跑(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: appall惊骇

狗打毛宁(打一英文短语) —— 谜底: Good morning!早上好!

卖几颗(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: magic(魔法,魔术)

死壮(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: strong强壮

爱过你(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: agony痛苦

Why do people go to bed?(人们为什么睡觉?) —— 谜底: Because the bed won’t come to us.因为床不会走向我们。

What kind of water should people drink in order to be healthy? —— 谜底: Drink well water.

What part of your body disappears when you stand up? —— 谜底: Your lap.

什么英文字母让人们喜欢听而且听的人最多? —— 谜底: CD

服了我(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: flower

爷爷去世 (打一英文) —— 谜底: yes.

死洞(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: stone(石头、宝石)

What is never used until it's broken? —— 谜底: An egg

有没有你,颜色都不变 (打一英文) —— 谜底: colour/color

世界上最长的单词是什么? —— 谜底: 微笑,因为两个S隔了一里

Why did the farmer take his chicken to task?(农夫为什么训斥小鸡?) —— 谜底: Because they use foul language. 因为它们说脏话。

嬉戏(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: cease

Why does the boy carry a ladder to the school? —— 谜底: Because he wants to go to high school.

想念的时候,已经是失去 (打一英文) —— 谜底: miss.

额耐克(打一英语单词) —— 谜底: alike(相同的,相像的 )

what month do soldiers hate —— 谜底: March 3月

What do you know about the kings of France? —— 谜底: They are all dead

海味(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: heavy

摸钱袋子(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: merchandise

Ten plus ten is ten.Ten minus ten is ten(打一物) —— 谜底: 手套(glove)

What is deaf and dumb but always tells the truth? —— 谜底: A mirror

Why can a bride hide nothing?(为什么新娘子什么也藏不住?) —— 谜底: Because someone will give her away.

爱你猫(打一英文单词) —— 谜底: animal

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